About Us

Our mission is to scale the world’s best ideas through digital

Who We Are…

“We started Jump 450 Media because we saw gaps in the way traditional agencies were operating. From dedicating the right human capital to building creative concepts that would perform to leveraging the latest technologies, we saw agencies fail on nearly all of these fronts, and as a result, their clients would endure losses. My co-founders and I felt that the industry paradigm of focusing on inputs and not outcomes needed a radical shift, so we founded Jump 450 to tackle these challenges head-on and help businesses acquire users profitably through digital media.”

Shaun Sheikh | CEO

Jump’s Competitive Advantage


Experienced Team

Our team has personally managed and overseen $1.4B in media spend over their careers.

Media Buyer

Media Buyer Compensation

Our buyers are directly incentivized to drive performance, which means the more revenue they drive for you, the more they earn.

Core Values

Core Values

Our four main values are performance, collaboration, experimentation, and progress.

CAdvanced Reporting

Advanced Reporting

Real time and powerful custom reporting that can pull in all marketing data, including 3rd party courses to drive efficient and effective analysis.

Constant Communication

Constant Communication

Our team is always communicating internally and externally to ensure alignment, cohesion, and understanding.

Radical Transparency

Radical Transparency

We are 100% transparent in everything we do at Jump, from the ad accounts we work out of, to our real time reporting, to the media commissions and tech fees.

Our Story

We originally started in 2014 as a digital direct-response marketing firm and quickly became the largest independent affiliate player in North America on Facebook, spending north of $25M of our funds in 2016.

We quickly developed a reputation in the direct-response industry as being the best at acquiring customers, at scale, as soon as possible.

This led to our CEO Shaun Sheikh and COO Andrew Fabbri winning the prestigious Forbes 30 Under 30 Award in Advertising in 2017.

To further develop our company to serve a more diverse set of verticals, we shifted our attention towards a traditional agency business model—one that we knew would allow us to better communicate and engage with clients, as well as reach and convert a broader range of clients.

Since then…

We’ve been building our team and client-base around the idea that we are the best direct-response agency in the world, and our results speak to this.

Jump’s inception

Jump breaks $25M in advertising spend

Jump executives win The Forbes 30 under 30 Award in Advertising

Expanding our business and building our team

We have gone on to scale sales volume and ROI for our clients to levels that others cannot achieve. We typically work with venture capital, private equity, and publicly financed businesses that are ambitious in their goals; goals that other agencies or consultancies cannot fulfill or have previously failed achieving.


We are located in New York, New York, and is considered on of the greatest city to live in the world.

Jump resides at 300 Vesey Street which is a 15-story building located along the Hudson River waterfront at Brookfield Place.

We are surrounded by nature, luxury retail, dining, extensive public space and world-class amenities.

Located in downtown Battery Park, our office is in close proximity to everything we love: good coffee, awesome lunch spots, and a sweeping view of the Hudson River Waterfront.


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